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Making character an everyday choice

A few important things you should know about us:

We make leadership development a very personal prospect, a life-changing event. Character work is always integral; i.e., it improves all facets of our lives.

We help individuals increase their energy, not just manage their time.

We stay practical and real time; our leadership curriculum always comes from you and your organization's challenges, opportunities and dilemmas.

We are seasoned professionals, but we enter our work with our humanity first--not our credentials.

We keep it simple but elegant by accessing the heart of change--character. We work hard to not add information overload. We'll challenge your thinking, but we'll keep the focus on re-energizing you through character.

We commit to our own character work, which means integrity, high value, accountability and, with no apologies, high affection for you and your organization.

We work as a consortium of professionals. This affords us the advantages of size, without losing the personal and intimate touch essential to our work.

We have a core staff of highly trained psychologists and organizational consultants located in the Twin Cities, plus a network of associates in Chicago, Phoenix, Denver and Los Angeles trained in our leadership model and committed to our shared values.

Last but not least, we have an infectious passion for leadership, based on our hard-won understanding of its deep roots in character; its broad wingspan riding the spirit of adventure; and its absolute necessity in this time of unparalleled opportunity and danger.

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