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Making character an everyday choice
Building Leaders

The Center for Character-based Leadership offers a unique leadership architecture designed to help individuals and organizations create the change they desire. We work at three levels; all are integral and reinforce each other. Your organization can begin a partnership with us at any one of these three levels--individual, team or organizational. At each of these levels, our aim is the same: to make leadership development a life-changing event.

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Individual development
Executive coaching--Transition coaching--Performance management--Leadership assessment and development
On a personal level, let us challenge you.
Open yourself to feedback, then let us take that external picture and put it in the language of character. See the impact it has on you when feedback on your behavior is translated to the much more personal and meaningful level of character development.
Team/organizational development

Talent management--Recruitment strategies--Succession planning--Team development
On a team level, let us unite you.
See the change in your team's political climate once you engage in a shared character-based leadership experience. The learning, energy and connection that come out of character work in a peer group context greatly increase the odds of significant change, both for the individual and the team. Our peer coaching process is uniquely successful in creating an open, authentic team environment.

On an organizational level, let us show you how character-based leadership can undo the "super glue" that confounds the execution of even world-class strategy. By making character work an everyday choice, we help you to get to the heart of change--providing the values-based fuel needed to execute strategy. Character development is the missing link supporting the very emotional work of creating enduring change in organizational life.