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Making character an everyday choice

Why Character?

Character: "A reserved force which acts directly by presence and without means."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Character is that "reserved force" that signals you are in the presence of a person of substance. While difficult to describe, we all know it when we see it. It invites immediate respect; it's something we all want. But it doesn't come easy.

Character comes only through the gradual accumulation of substance during the course of daily "character work." In our leadership work, we ground you in five core practices that guide this daily character work, and we show you how these character practices inform and guide the core competencies of leadership.

As we work with you to take you to the next level of professionalism and leadership, we work with these two simple but elegant equations:

On an individual level:
"I am" + "I can" = "I will"
Character + Competence = Commitment

On an organizational level:
"We are" + "We can" = "We will"
Culture + Strategy = Execution

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