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Executive Coaching

We start by immersing ourselves in your world

Most of our growth involves leaning into the challenges in front of us and letting them transform us. Not the other way around. We immerse ourselves in your world to see where you are being called to advance/grow.

Coaching never works in a vacuum

We set up a partnership right up front with both the organization and the individual. We provide the individual with a safe place to do the required exploration while also allowing the right level of feedback to flow through the coaching work.

Where's the growing edge?

We focus our work on the key gap/stretch that will provide the most ROI: the leader's Growing Edge. The gap is an exciting place—it's creating the necessary pressure for change and transformation. Seldom do we move into the hard work of change without some additional pressure from the world! Investment here generates a domino effect—leading to a cascading effect of changes. We partner with The Leadership Circle to provide you a well-researched map and feedback tool to assess your growth edge.

Closing the Gap through Character-based Coaching

Closing the gap requires us to discard outdated assumptions and beliefs that helped us in the past. We pick up new habits of mind that allow us to live and lead on a bigger stage and with a broader community. The catch: it also requires a willingness to live with a little less control, periods of uncertainty, and a lot more complexity. This requires character work.

Character-based coaching helps us accelerate growth by

  • Becoming “undefended”—opening up to feedback to increase self-awareness and create a compelling case for investing in change.
  • Immersion in expanded new mindsets through reflective conversations, reading, connections with mentors proficient in the new mindset
  • Building confidence in ability to grow—And a corresponding willingness to try out new ways of being and behaving.
  • Establishing new practices to hone identified skillsets that solidify the new mindset
  • Learning to creatively work with the anxiety that growth inevitably engenders

“How mature is your inner game for the stage you are on, or to which you aspire? Mastery is a well-honed outer game arising from a very mature inner game”

—Bob Anderson and William Adams

Integrating the personal and professional life of the leader

By doing the character work required for leadership advancement, the leader gains something that extends beyond the world of work. The increased wisdom, confidence, agility that accompanies true change enriches all parts of the leader's life—as well as those in his/her orbit. The chance to reduce overwhelm, travel more lightly in the world, to orchestrate one's energy for full engagement—these are the gifts of taking the coaching journey. And our hope for your full ROI.