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Our leadership Programs

Creating customized leadership journeys is a cornerstone of what we do and one of our passions.

Our leadership programs are designed with key principles in mind

  • It's a journey—not an event. Our programs span a minimum of one year—lasting anywhere from 12-18 months
  • We focus first and foremost on character—the changes in you that will make the most difference. It's not just about adding new knowledge and skills. It's not only what you think; it's how you think.
  • We leverage the power of your peers—Our peer group process creates the safe and challenging space required to learn from and be challenged by our peers
  • We create space for Leaders to develop Leaders—We involve your organizations leaders in the design, delivery, and support of the curriculum whenever possible

Based on these principles we create custom programs—A typical format…

  • Our programs typically include 4-6 live events (in person or virtual) spread out over 12-18 months. This allows time to build new leadership practices/habits. We use the Leadership Circle 360 Profile, when possible, to provide participants a map and a location to guide their development journey.
  • The work happens in community and support of one's peers. We use a combination of large group and small groups in our work. Large groups strengthen bonds across the full community; and provide the context to introduce key concepts to everyone in the same format.
  • Small intact groups of 6 to 7 peers (Peer Groups) offer each participant a dedicated support group and allow us to take the key concepts and apply them to participants' real life work/life challenges. The peer group process sets the tone for true commitment to each other's success. Each peer group is facilitated by a CCBL Coach.
  • Whenever possible, we include and partner with the leaders of the firm(s) we are supporting. This can include partnering with them on design of the curriculum; engaging them as co-faculty for the program, and/or having them serve as mentors to participants in the program.

We offer our leadership programs both in-house at your organization—as well as in partnership with associations. With in-house programs, we link the curriculum to the values/behaviors that your culture celebrates and your strategy requires. In partnering with associations, we provide first class leadership development for their members while building bonds/sharing best practices across the various association firms.

Our curriculum will challenge and stretch you across a progressive ladder of skillsets and mindsets shifts.

We help you increase your own capacity and character to:

  • thrive in complexity and change
  • extend trust and collaboration across an ever-growing network
  • scale one's leadership—becoming “leaders of leaders”
  • shift from a reactive mindset to a creative mindset

A personal focus

We help you identify the 1 big change in you that will have the biggest ROI both personally and professionally. For example, transforming impatience with others into capacity to connect and listen—or—acquiring the emotional courage required to lean into difficult situations.