The Center for Character-based Leadership

Great results through great character

Peer Groups

Linking direct experience with insight and learning

Many organizations use “action learning groups,” and discover that these turn out to be a lot more about action and less about learning. Our character-based approach creates the right balance between experience and reflection. With regularly scheduled “ time outs,” we take live leadership challenges and link them to the corresponding character and capacity moves that will drive the best results. Our approach helps others see clearly and concretely how character contributes to wiser decisions and true executive action.

The power of peers

Research tells us that the most reliable feedback comes from peers…the tough part is creating the safety and skill to respectfully learn how to keep the focus on helping others learn. This is not something we learn coming up through the ranks…it has to be experienced and practiced with guidance.

The magic of small groups

The smaller group forum…5 to 7 people…allows individuals to have deeper, more meaningful conversations—accelerating both trust building and personal change. Members of a peer group commit to one another’s success, begin to see a much bigger view of their organization, and shift their fundamental mind-sets from silo success to cross-group collaboration.






Peer Group Launches

  • High potentials transitioning to key roles >>>

    Launch a peer group of five to seven high potential people moving into new roles. Accelerate their transitions and highlight the character work and stretch development challenges the new assignments offer. We will provide an experienced coach to facilitate the group as they learn to create the relationships and safety to coach each other and additionally build a strong peer network.

  • A key change initiative >>>

    Launch a change management peer group of five to seven key players.  Accelerate both the organizational and personal change process at the same time. Organizational change requires personal change...which requires leaders who are masters at the personal change process.

  • Cross-group partnerships >>>

    Launch a cross-group peer group to accelerate collaboration between key constituencies within your organization. At the same time, expand your organization’s capacity to have robust dialogue—the kind of intense conversations that lead to great decisions and alignment for quick and effective execution.