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Team Development

We invite you to take a leadership journey together

We are strong believers in the power and impact of taking an intact team on a leadership journey together. We address the growth challenges of the team while simultaneously leaning into the leadership development of each team player. By playing on both fronts—we help the team become unarmored—capable of growth. The team's conversation goes to a level that rapidly accelerates trust and, as a result, it's capacity for collaboration.

We put equal focus on the growth of the team as an entity and the growth of each individual leader on the team. There is indeed an “I” in team.

What's your team's Growing Edge?

Much like individuals, each team has a pivotal growth challenge facing them—such as

  • Acquiring the required discipline to execute on its top initiatives
  • Finding a better way to address and benefit from conflict
  • Developing a more agile response to change

We target the mindset and skillsets that will together transform the team's capacity on a collective Growth Edge. We keep our focus there—targeting practices for each member of the team to help the whole step up to and transform this targeted capacity.

What's my growing edge in this team?

This is where the journey gets personal. We create the safety required for each team member to step up and call out their own part in advancing the collective. Each team member is challenged: How will I need to adapt/grow to keep up with the team's growth? And as always, the answer is always twofold—skillset and mindset—character and competence.

We help you engage in conversations that matter—the hard stuff…

…And we do so in a way that deepens trust and collective impact. We enable the rich conversations to happen in the room - putting real conversation ahead of problem-solving. We introduce helpful concepts, tools and thought pieces to open perspectives, expand thinking and foster innovative solutions. In doing so, we help you build enterprise and team muscles that go the distance.

An integrated approach to drive change

  • We weave in several components to guide change including Team Sessions, Peer Group Coaching, Individual Coaching and high-impact resources for support.
  • We often include the Leadership Circle 360 Feedback Profile for each leader to help provide a clear path for growth.
  • Our approach provides a catalyst for meaningful change. Consider the difference between an architectural drawing versus a home. We don't just help you have the right plans—we help you become a true team that you want to be part of.