Kateri Topitzhofer
Kateri Topitzhofer, Ph.D., L.P. is a licensed psychologist who spent twelve years working in a Fortune 100 company in various leadership roles and as an internal coach/consultant. She has worked with managers, senior leaders and teams in a wide variety of businesses and organizations, helping them make changes, reach challenging goals, sharpen performance and find greater fulfillment in their life and work.
Kateri provides individualized coaching and development services to build leadership effectiveness. She does her best work with leaders seeking to deliver results in a new or challenging role, empower and develop their employees and teams, accelerate change, reduce stress in the organization, strengthen interpersonal skills and manage their lives and careers more intentionally. Leaders find her to be a careful listener, trustworthy sounding board, energizing and results-oriented coach.
She also provides tailored programs and facilitation services for teams, actively engaging participants in achieving objectives and optimal performance.
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